Reducing working timeis one of the most important advantages of using ready-made harnesses.

is one of the most important advantages of using ready-made harnesses. one fantakes over

7 minutes

Connecting the fan using a ready-made harness is just

14 seconds*

Ready-made electrical harnesses significantly facilitate electrical connections. They guarantee the safety and reliability of the installation.

In any manufacturing or installation industry the effects of their use will be noticed immediately and easy to measure.

We design the harnesses according to the requirements of our clients and produce them using certified components. The result is precise, high-quality products.

Our harnesses can have individual parameters, including:


any length of cables,
appropriate cable cross-sections, adapted to the installation requirements
various types of connections, their number and arrangement on the harness,
– cable ends – isolated or equipped with dedicated connectors.

The use of harnesses also guarantees:

reduction of material costs,
optimizationof logistics processes,
– greater control over material consumption,
no burdensome waste,
failure-freee installation and easier service,
high aesthetics of electrical installations.

Ready-made harnessescan be used wherever a
permanent and safe connection is required for electrical receivers.

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