Harnesses for refrigeration equipment and cooling racks

Refrigeration equipment used in trade and industry requires precisely tailored components, such as cable harnesses for cooling devices. These are critical components for each device, so they should be matched with appropriate precision and used only by recognized suppliers. At Profitect, we have gained many years of experience in this aspect, so we can offer dedicated solutions for this type of applications.

Our offer is addressed to the most demanding customers who uncompromisingly expect the highest quality. We supply harnesses for cooling devices to manufacturers of the devices themselves, as well as entire cooling systems. Over many years of presence on the market, we have earned the trust of leading brands providing comprehensive solutions in this area. We make harnesses for devices according to strictly defined standards based on designs, so we are able to adapt to the needs of every client operating in this industry. At the same time, our permanent offer includes ready-made harness designs that are already used in devices and installations at the highest level. If necessary, we provide professional assistance, because thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to recognize the needs of each client based on the devices they produce.

Harnesses for refrigeration equipment – individual approach

Wiązki do urządzeń chłodniczychWe offer many types of harnesses, which we adapt to the customer’s needs according to specific criteria. We take into account the operating voltage, current and operating conditions of harnesses for electrical devices. Harnesses for cooling racks and other refrigeration devices are designed to ensure not only failure-free operation of the device, but also full safety of users. Correct operation is influenced by a properly selected cross-section of the harnesses and a well-matched type of connector. The latter can be made in different variants, depending on the place of use. Durability and safety are ensured by the solid braiding of the harnesses, which remain fully hermetic, just like the plugs. This allows for use in a very wide range of refrigeration equipment used in trade and industry.

The quality of our products is influenced by the fact that we rely only on proven suppliers of materials from which we make harnesses for cooling devices. At the same time, we also make sure that the production process is carried out in a controlled manner, and at the end we conduct strict quality control. Thanks to this, demanding customers receive only efficient and durable harnesses manufactured to a specific standard. We can adjust all technical parameters to the specific needs of the customer, so to clarify the details, please contact us. We match the harnesses to the devices in terms of the type of insulation, wire cross-section, as well as the type of plugs and the length of the harnesses.

Harnesses for cooling racks and other devices

The harnesses we produce for cooling racks and other devices of this type are complete sets of cables made based on a specific design provided by our customers. We adapt connectors to the type of devices and optimize the harnesses so that they are appropriately efficient while maintaining economic efficiency at a satisfactory level. The harnesses can power all components of cooling equipment, such as compressors, condenser fans, evaporator engines, as well as components that require slightly different harness parameters, such as thermostats or sensors.