Manufacturer of ready-made harnesses and electrical connections.

We are a manufacturer of ready-made harnesses and complete electrical connections. We are distinguished by flexibility and individual approach to the client. From the very beginning of our presence on the market, we have focused on high-quality solutions. We are guided by the satisfaction of those who decided to take advantage of our offer. This is why we care about the precise production process, realizing that the quality of the cable and electrical harnesses we offer depends on it. Our offer is addressed to the most demanding customers who have not yet been able to find a suitable supplier of this type of products.

We create our products from scratch: an experienced design team advises and designs according to the needs and requirements of our clients, and our qualified staff produces with attention to high quality and precision. The strength of our company is a team of experienced employees who know their work perfectly. This is why we can work at the highest level while doing it efficiently and quickly. Each person employed by us knows perfectly well what their responsibilities are. Thanks to this, the production process runs smoothly and is not disturbed in any way. This allows us to offer our customers cable and electrical harnesses of the highest quality.

For the production of electrical harnesses and installations, we use proven and certified components that guarantee reliability and safety of use. We do not use components of unknown origin. We are perfectly aware of the great responsibility that rests on us. We know that the operation of various types of machines and systems often depends on the quality of the harnesses we deliver. That is why we use elements supplied by the best manufacturers.

Our offer already includes several dozen types of harnesses. Responding to market needs, we constantly expand our product range, designing and creating new types on an ongoing basis. If you have special requirements and are looking for unusual harnesses that will meet your needs, learn more about our offer.


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What are cable harnesses?

Cable harnesses are an integral element of every electrical and electronic device. Depending on the version, the cable harnesses we produce are intended for different applications, but the principle of their operation remains unchanged. The cable harness is responsible for conducting electric current between individual components of the device. In devices this serves two purposes.

The first is the transmission of electrical energy necessary to power a device or one component. This may be the power supply for the control module itself, but also for example an electric motor, a heater, or any component that determines the operation of a given equipment. This is the most commonly known use of harnesses, but it must be remembered that cables are also used to transmit electrical impulses that carry information. Electronic devices, such as controllers, control modules, or entire computers similar to the well-known PC stations, use cable harnesses to transmit information encoded in the binary system between individual components of the entire equipment, or within a given component, if it is sufficiently developed.

To meet the requirements of today’s dynamically developing market, we produce a wide range of cable harnesses that can be used in very diverse devices or installations.

What does the production of electrical harnesses look like?

We are an experienced company that specializes in the production of cable harnesses. We are perfectly aware that the proper functioning of many devices depends on the quality of our products. That is why, from the very beginning of our activity, we have made sure to provide our clients with solutions that meet their needs and, at the same time, are characterized by really good quality. Therefore, we took care of the production process. Each stage is subject to our control. We place great emphasis on the highest quality standards.

Producent wiązek kablowych i elektrycznych - ProfitectThe production process of electrical harnesses must always begin with selecting the appropriate cables to operate a specific device. They must be made of properly matched materials, their thickness and length must also be taken into account. The actual production stage is carried out using advanced machines, where the wires are isolated according to needs. The key stage is preparing the contacts and applying specific connectors, followed by whitening and soldering. Ultimately, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to properly mark the resulting electrical harnesses, e.g. by selecting the color of the insulation depending on the function of a specific cable.

We have high-quality machinery that is characterized by operational reliability. This is why we are able to produce electrical harnesses efficiently and quickly without losing any accuracy. It is the excellent quality machines that make the production process run smoothly for our company.

When it comes to the assembly of harnesses, we always prepare them individually. We are a company that implements both standard projects and those with special requirements. We focus on braids, which are the best example of the fact that it is possible to combine aesthetic values with high technical requirements. We offer cable harnesses that are highly resistant to mechanical damage. Properly made thermal insulation means that they can be used in various temperature conditions. We offer harnesses that have gained fire-resistant properties during the production process.

We know that today’s customers expect products of the highest quality and reliability. This is why testing is an essential element of our production process. We carefully check whether the cable harnesses we produce are resistant to the conditions in which they will be used. Only then can we introduce them to sale. All this, of course, to ensure that those who decided to take advantage of our offer are fully satisfied.

Production process

The production process of cable harnesses consists of several stages. These are:

  • cutting wires. At this stage we use modern machinery that allows us to maintain high quality. At the same time, it guarantees the repeatability of our products. This means that we are able to offer our customers exactly the same cables. Not only the harnesses themselves are cut, but also the shielding and insulating elements used at further stages of production.
  • printing process. We print not only on the harnesses themselves, but also on the connectors. This is an extremely important production stage, which later translates into the identification of harnesses. It is the prints that make both sellers and customers know what harness they are dealing with. Therefore, selecting the right harness is not a problem.
  • installation of wire harnesses. We are perfectly aware that customer needs can be very different. Therefore, we make sure that the assembly of wire harnesses is always an individually developed process depending on the project being implemented. We assemble different harnesses, which means we produce those for different purposes. Thus, we respond to the needs of various customer groups.
  • braiding wires. We use braids that not only look great, but also meet the highest technical requirements. Their use gives the produced cable harnesses special properties. This could be, for example, fire resistance. We offer harnesses that perfectly withstand high temperatures.
  • performing ultrasonic welds. When using ultrasonic welding technology, we primarily had in mind the creation of high-quality joints. The process uses the most modern welding machines, which guarantee the effect at the appropriate level.
  • testing. We never sell cable harnesses that have not been tested. We realize that this process is necessary. It ensures that the offered harnesses meet all restrictive requirements and can be used without any worries. We focus on testing the breaking strength of joints as well as testing the tightness of the connections.

Cable harness offer

Our offer is mainly addressed to the refrigeration, catering, home appliances and electronics industries as well as wherever a durable, safe but also quick and efficient connection of electrical receivers is required.

Our products include:

• fan harnesses
• engine harnesses
• lighting harnesses and lighting strips
• multi-core detachable harnesses
• universal harnesses for a wide range of applications.

From the very beginning of our activity we have focused on a wide range of products, fully aware of how different the needs and expectations of our customers are. We try to respond to the needs of various industries, producing cable harnesses that are always of the highest quality. This is the result of a precisely planned production process in which each stage is subject to strict standards.

Our harnesses can have individual parameters, including:

• any length of cables,
• appropriate cable cross-sections, adapted to the installation requirements,
• various types of connections, their number and arrangement on the harness,
• cable ends – isolated or equipped with dedicated connectors.

We are aware that the use of cable harnesses can be very different. Customers may have different needs when it comes to the length of cables, their cross-sections and types of connections. Taking care of the satisfaction of those who have decided to trust us, we offer harnesses that meet individual requirements. In the production process, we can take into account customer expectations, thus offering harnesses whose parameters are consistent with what the customer needs. Regardless of what harnesses you decide to order from us, you can be sure that they will be of really high quality. A carefully planned production process and testing of the harnesses guarantee their reliability and full functionality.

We also produce complete control cabinets in which we use our own electrical connection solutions. In this case we also place great emphasis on quality. We are aware that the operation of many machines and devices depends on the efficiency, reliability and functionality of our solutions.

Electrical wiring harnesses – why is their reliability so important?

Analyzing what cable harnesses in devices are used for, you can immediately come to the conclusion why they are so important. The shortest answer to this question may be that without a functional wiring harness, most devices will stop working completely.

In devices and entire installations in which the cable harness is responsible for supplying electricity to power individual components, any interruption of the circuit results in the shutdown of the entire installation. If it is a device or machine that requires the synchronized operation of many components, it can simply stand still. Damage to the harness may also result in the disabling of a critical component that immobilizes the entire machine.

A good example would be a car. If the harness powering the car’s starter is damaged, starting the engine will be completely impossible. However, the remaining harnesses in the car are equally important because modern designs of cars and other machines of similar complexity have many independent components that require power supply with different voltages. A properly connected and functional cable harness and its accessories are crucial to smooth functioning of the device.

Cable harnesses and data transmission in machines

The transmission of energy supplying individual components is only one function of cable harnesses. The transmission of packets with information on the basis of which the modules of individual devices are controlled is also extremely important for proper functioning. As we have already established, they are transmitted by an electrical impulse running along the harness. Any disturbance in this matter is associated with the inability to control the component or device using the control panel connected to it.

In the case of machines, it is very common to create closed circuits that are connected to each other. Unfortunately, the damaged cable harness then becomes a so-called bottleneck and in the result, machines stop working. That is why it is so important when constructing devices of any type to rely only on solid harnesses, because their possible damage and the need to replace them often turn out to be extremely troublesome.

Plugs and connectors in cable harnesses

Standard cable harnesses do not have specific plugs, but they are crucial for the proper execution of the entire circuit. Plugs and connectors are elements that connect the cable with the next section of the circuit or a given component. They must therefore be compatible with each other and not interfere with signal transmission. Our offer includes many types of harnesses with plugs and connectors, which are already dedicated to specific technological solutions. Thanks to this, we offer complete solutions. If you decide to take advantage of our offer, you can receive complete harnesses equipped with plugs and connectors that meet your expectations. Each element is of high quality and operational reliability.

Various types of cable harnesses from Profitect

Specializing in the production of high-quality cable harnesses, we offer a wide variety of products. These are:

  • SP type harnesses – this type of harness is dedicated to lighting used in refrigeration devices. They are completely hermetic, durable and adapted to this type of use. Thanks to this, they turn out to be completely safe. We produce them with any number of plugs and in various lengths.
  • WL type harness – this is the type of harness used to power LED lights. They have high durability and are safe due to their type of construction. It is possible to form them into multi-output harnesses and use different types of plugs. We also produce miniature harnesses sizes.
  • WSE type harness – this type of harness is dedicated to fan motors. They meet the appropriate criteria in technical terms, so they are safe to use. They have a hermetic connector. We make them in any length, while taking care of the aesthetics of the product.
  • WMNL type harness – harness with a multi-pin connector, hermetic IP56 WMNL is characterized by very high durability, hermetic connector and high safety. Its application is very wide and is commonly found in various types of devices. It is also characterized by a multi-track number of contacts.
  • WWPE type harness – multi-plug fan harness with PE cable, dedicated to compact axial fans of various types. The design ensures safe use and high durability. We make harnesses of any length and with any number of plugs. In addition, we also care about the aesthetics of the harness.
  • WW type harness – multi-plug WW axial fan harness is adapted to this type of devices of various types. It is characterized by high durability and a safe connector. This type of harness is also available with any number of plugs and any length.

Each of the above types of harnesses is dedicated to a specific type of installation. We know that our customers need a variety of cable harnesses. That is why we decided to make sure that our offer is truly diversified. Regardless of what type of harnesses you decide to order from us, you can be sure that they will be made perfectly. We focus on accuracy and precision, ensuring that we provide functional solutions.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of cable harnesses, you want to be sure that the solutions provided to you will be of really high quality, you want a wide selection and the ability to tailor the cable harnesses to your individual needs, do not wait. Our offer perfectly meets your expectations. We guarantee reliable and fully functional harnesses for various applications.

Frequently asked questions about the production of cable and electrical harnesses FAQ

How long does it take to produce a wiring harness?

The production of an electrical harness is a complicated process that consists of several important stages. There is no rush in any of them. It is important that all production processes are carried out with care. Therefore, the production of electrical harnesses is not a process that focuses on speed. What counts is accuracy and precision, which later translates into the functionality of the harnesses.

Our production plant is a place where the emphasis is not on the number of harnesses produced. We make sure that our customers receive the highest quality solutions that will not disappoint and will work really well. This is why each stage is precisely planned. We make sure that nothing surprises us at any of them. We work with extreme care, which allows us to deliver harnesses that satisfy even the most demanding customers.

What is the average cost of producing cable harnesses?

Many factors influence the cost of producing cable harnesses. The most important ones include, first of all, the production volume and specification. The quality of the components used is also important – the better they are, the higher the production cost. Specialists assume that the average cost of producing cable harnesses may range from several to even several hundred zlotys, depending on the characteristics of the production of a given batch.

Our company is able to meet even the most demanding requirements. We make harnesses for special orders, tailoring them to the individual needs and expectations of our customers. The cost of production is of secondary importance to us. What matters most is the quality of what comes out of our production lines. That is why we use the best components from experienced suppliers. We always work at the highest level and the entire production process ends with quality control of the harnesses. Thanks to this, we can be sure that our company delivers perfectly made products.

What is the production time of one set of cable harnesses?

The production of cable harnesses requires going through several stages. Omission of any of them will result in the harnesses not fulfilling their role. Therefore, there is no room for haste in the production process. The emphasis is on accuracy and precision of operation. Therefore, it takes some time to produce one set of cable harnesses. However, its final size depends on how many harnesses make up the set, what components are to be used, and the purpose of the produced harnesses.

In our company we make sure that the entire production process is carefully planned. None of its stages are accidental. We have extensive quality control, thanks to which we can provide our clients with solutions at the highest level. We know that the cable harnesses we supply must be reliable and functional. Therefore, in the production process of a set of harnesses, we always focus on quality, not production speed. We do everything to ensure that the harnesses that leave our plant will not fail in the least expected moment.