Harnesses for engines and fans

Devices with electric engines and fans require dedicated components and specific parameters. At Profitect, we have a great understanding of the specific requirements of customers in this area, so we can offer dedicated harnesses for electric engines used in various types of fans. We have been operating on the market for many years, and during this time we have designed fan harnesses, that perfectly meet all standards in industrial production at the highest level.

Taking care of the brand’s reputation, we care about the quality of our products. We do not compromise on the quality of the engine cable harnesses, we produce, so for many years we have accumulated a wide group of satisfied customers. These are entities of various sizes, but among them you can find leading manufacturers on the market who require us to provide failure-free products that perfectly match the required technical parameters. Thanks to such demanding contractors, we constantly improve the production process and rely on raw material suppliers who are able to guarantee the quality we require.

Engine harnesses – our customers

Our clients include many recognized brands for which we have been suppliers of components for their devices for years. These are companies operating in various industries and with different needs. We make harnesses for various types of fans and are able to adapt to the needs of each device. If necessary, we provide assistance based on our experience. Among many products, however, we have specific types of harnesses that are suitable for most standard fans and electric engines used in this type of devices.

Fan harnesses – quality and safety

When producing fan harnesses, we first make sure to use components of appropriate quality. This applies to every element of the harnesses, including the core, jacket, insulation and connectors. Thanks to this, we can guarantee the durability of the harnesses at a very high level, which exceeds the life of most devices. We approach the production process itself in the same way. We make engine harnesses with due precision, both in terms of execution and the use of an appropriate harness design. All this makes them completely safe and does not pose a threat to the devices in which they are used, and their operation is trouble-free.

Fan harnesses made to order

We are tailored to the needs of various customer groups, so we can tailor harnesses to precisely defined needs. We make harnesses of any length of wires, and we even make harnesses in miniature sizes. In addition, we can use various types of plugs depending on the needs of a given device. Depending on the type of beam, it can form them into multi-output beams.

What characterizes our products is the reliability of the connections created, as well as the possibility of quick installation thanks to proven and effective plugs. This also affects the ability to quickly service the devices in which they are used. A very important fact is that our harnesses can also work in humid conditions, which is very common for this type of application. Standard engine harnesses are capable of connecting multiple fans in series. The most demanding customers will also appreciate that we also pay attention to ensuring that the harnesses are made in an aesthetic way.

To clarify detailed technical parameters, please contact us.