Harnesses for lighting and lighting strips

Electrical industrial devices require dedicated components. Knowing the market requirements well, we produce harnesses for lighting strips dedicated to a wide range of devices. We have been operating on the market for many years, so we have managed to gather extensive experience that allows us to adapt the harnesses to the specificity of various devices, as well as to the operating characteristics in given conditions.

As a recognized Profitect brand on the market, we have built a wide group of satisfied customers to whom we supply cable harnesses for lighting. These are well-known companies on the market that focus primarily on the highest quality of the components they use in their devices. The trust of such entities clearly proves the quality of our harnesses.

Harnesses for lighting strips for refrigeration equipment

Wiązki do oświetlenia - ProfitectWhen producing harnesses for lighting strips for refrigeration devices, we adapt them to the specificity of such use. Strips must be made according to a well-thought-out design, because only this ensures long-term and trouble-free operation, as well as safety of use. This is what we focus on when producing our harnesses, because we know well what the requirements are in the industrial sector.

Lighting harnesses in refrigerated equipment in such applications must be highly durable. To achieve this, we use the highest quality materials. This applies to the copper wires that constitute the core of the bundle, as well as the entire braid. This ensures that the harness can be used for many years without the need to replace it, even in industrial conditions. For trouble-free operation of the LED strip itself in refrigerated equipment, it is important that the harnesses are fully hermetic. This is a priority in our products, and each of them is tailored to the individual needs of a specific customer. This also significantly affects the safety of use of devices in which our harnesses are used.

Harnesses for lighting in refrigerating equipment - any lengths and plugs on request

As we approach each client individually, we are able to produce harnesses for lighting strips in any length. Therefore, we are open to the production of harnesses for small refrigerating racks, as well as for the largest refrigerating equipment used on the market. In addition, we can use any number of plugs and match their type to a given device.

Harnesses for refrigeration equipment – we focus on quality

Wiązki do oświetlenia typu LedWe have extensive experience, so we have developed a database of trusted suppliers of all components. We only use certified semi-finished products, so we are able to guarantee the highest quality. We approach the production process in the same way, which we maintain through strict quality control.

Our lighting strip harnesses are dedicated to devices such as:

  • refrigeration cabinets,
  • racks/shelves,
  • electrical switchboards,
  • refrigerated counters,
  • ventilation units and recuperators.

Knowing the exact needs of the customer and the characteristics of a given device, we are able to match ready-made products from our offer and advise which types of harnesses for lighting strips will be optimal in a specific situation.

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